The 13rd week

Time gone fast.

Nothing much to say about last week, except last Sunday, July 1st is Canada day and I had a good time.

Went to Prince’s Island Park, just me and another woman. We took C-train and walked to the park. So many people was there. Though, I love that feeling. A crowded place, maybe that all I want and need now. There are many things I have to control, have to leave it aside. Somehow, sometime, I’m afraid that I can lose myself, can go crazy. But I have to go, that’s all.

I had face painting yesterday, it was fun. After I decided to paint my face, it was raining harder, though the fun in me was so full.

I had a Korean dinner on Saturday, not bad. And I have spent more money than I expected. That’s mean I have to control my finance and stop buying things in at least next two months, lol.

Besides, I have my schedules *sigh* poor me. I will study about the hotel side first, that’s mean I’m going to study till 10pm in the winter semester. Hope I can get over this.

I know things can’t be rushed. I will walk slowly and carefully, just hope that I don’t let the chances walk by without doing anything.

A new week has started. Welcome 🙂


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