The 15th week

Oh my, it’s officially 4 months since the day I left Vietnam. Fast, so fast.

There’s many things have changed since that day, like I said in the other posts. Still, don’t ask me this is a good choice or not, I just know, this is a good chance for my life and if I don’t take it, I will regret for the rest of my life. So, just take the challenge and do my best.

Actually, not really much to say about the past 2 weeks, except that I have the schedule for the fall semester and I will have 6 subjects to take care of. 3 of them I will buy these books from a friend with a half price and she will lend me one. Really thankful you, Pooja! Thanks for helping me 🙂

Beside, I did go to the Stampede in Calgary, kinda fun but I spent too much money on jewelry. LOL, like my cousin said, I’m addicted to jewelry and book, not a bookworm but nearly =]] Can you believe, their favorite sentence when they see me with my book/ereader is: “Stop reading!!!” But well, guys, I just can’t.

Hmm, that’s ok for now, a short summary for the 2 weeks. I will report in the next 2 weeks as well. Have fun to everyone who reads it and keep on trying, myself.


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