The 17th week

Nothing much too say, huh? Simply, I’m getting ready for the fall semester, for the 1st step on the long long long, rough rough rough way that I have to go. (even I know that very well, but just, something to remind me.)

Though there’s something I’m not satisfied with, but I can learn how to control myself, like a friend of mine used to say, don’t be hard, be flexible like water. I wanna see where is my last line, wanna see what can step over line to make me blow out, LOL.

Beside, this Sunday is my class reunion, but I will be absent this year, sad but make a promise to myself, to my friends, I will be back in a few years, they can’t have fun all the time without me, right?

Also, a friend of mine, from primary school is getting married this month, dunno the exact date. However, even I can’t attend your wedding, but I send to you all my best wishes, my friend. Wish you have a long live love for the rest of your life and of course, a happy marriage. Many things can happen, things can changed, but I hope your happiness will be always the same.

And one of my best friends, I think she will be getting married soon. Though she isn’t planning yet but I’m afraid I can’t attend her wedding as well. I wanna help her boyfriend to organize an unique proposal and I’m trying my best. Always want the best for my girls. Girls, you know, even the world can betray you, can leave you all alone, but remember one thing, I will always stay by your side and wish the best for you.

Back to myself, last weekend, I went camping with my family. Honestly, it was kinda boring, because if they’re not the kids then they’re adults, too mature to me => no one I can talk freely. One more thing, the kids are the 1st so all the things they do is focused on them, even when we came to the museum, I wanna take a look carefully but after all, just couldn’t. Hope next time I go camping, go out, I can do everything freely and enjoy the holiday happily.

Well, that’s all for the last two weeks, have to do my laundry now, will report more later.


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