The 21st week

A long week has passed again, and you know, the best part of today is it’s still a day off.

I have to say, this week has many things happened, fun, yes; upset, yes; make me crazy, of course yes; excited, definitely!!!

Like I’m always say, I’m not a good girl, absolutely not! However, I’m trying to be a fine girl, can’t be good ’cause I don’t wanna be a good girl, feel so strange when someone says I’m a good girl, sorry, I’m not! (except when I’m joking with my friends!)

I’m not saying that I’ve tried my best, but I know that I’m trying, but there’s some people, no matter what you do, they just can’t change. I’m trying not complaining about them ’cause I know, I know that they helped me really much. But at least, please, please, please think for me just one second.

Whatever, I’m trying, let’s think it’s a chance for me to train my controlness, my temper.

Back to the orientations at SAIT, it was really helpful. I met some new friends and got to know everyone in my class and my instructors, as well as some international students. It’s not easy but I can make it, I believe so.

I’m not good, not the best, but I’m trying to have good marks, to get scholarships because my mom can’t afford all the tuition fee I need and I can’t always work to make money, my 1st priority is studying, that’s my goal.

Whatever they say, they think , they do won’t affect me ’cause I’m here to study, not to make money (at least not now). I need a good resume, a good standing, that’s what I have to focus on now.

Keep moving forward, myself!

One small thing, it’s really good when you can cry after a long time that you have suppressed yourself. It works for me 🙂


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