The 22nd week

The 1st week at school, the 1st week in my career.

There’s so many interesting, exciting things, I can’t wait to start, to try, to explore, to adventure,…

Starting again with Business math, not my favorite but that’s ok, I can get over it.

Revenue Management, Front office management, Special events management, I think they will become my favorite and they’re all related to the path I choose, so let’s keep moving forward, myself.

Communication and MS office, I will try my best!

Things aren’t always the way I want, I can’t control whatever people thinks or complains about me, they’re not that important to me. Stressful, depression, I can’t avoid them but I can manage them, I believe and I know that.

Let’s start a new week and new things will come.

Just one thing, I miss you like crazy, Mommy! I want to cry but I won’t cry, mom. I have to go on my own way and tears will blur my vision. Just know that, I love you and miss you so much. It’s never end. Love you, my dearest mom, the most important person in my life.


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