The 28th week – The 7th month

Oh, I didn’t recognize that I haven’t written anything in the last 3 weeks.

So, the 7th month away from home. I see which path I have to go now, I know where I belong to now, and all I have to do is make my dreams, my goals become real.

I know there will be someone call me stupid, call me crazy, ah, it’s not that far, I’m sure as hell that my family in Canada will say that if they know my intention, LOLOLOL.

However, that’s none of my business. I know that they want me have a good life, but answer me, is there anyone can decide your life for you, and you think that will be the life you want? I’m not saying that I’m a free spirit, I have my chains, but for now, for my youth, I wanna spend all my youth to travel, to take challenges and be challenged. How long is my youth? I’m going to be 21 this December and I only have 14 years left in my youth. That’s why I don’t want anything tie me in a small place. I’m a small girl and this is a big world, but small girl has to go out to see how far she can go, how big her sky can be.

I don’t know if I will be success or not. I know nothing about my future, but I know that I will always heading ahead, because I know, I know in my last stop, my dearest one will always be there, will always waiting for me. She supports me no matter what happened, no matter how crazy my decision can be, and I know, she loves me with all her heart.

Well, to summary my last 3 weeks, everything seems okay now. I was struggling a bit with my math, but I can handle it now (thinking about being a math tutor – suggestion from my instructor). Revenue management and Front Office management are fine, I can understand and finish the exercise well enough. Computer is okay. Special Events management is not bad, I have a headache with the floor plan but I think I can make it fine. Communication, it’s not good, not bad either; I don’t get the highest score but it’s about medium. I have a group work for the report – as the final exam, hope I can get along well with them.

Next week, I will have the 2nd test of Special Events and Front Office, kinda worry but I can get over it.

In next two week, on Oct 30, I’m going to have the 2nd quiz in Revenue management and a speech in Communication class, hope I can done it well. The Saturday at the same week, Nov 3rd, I’m going to go to the Willow Park, to have a hands on experience in the real reception, too excited.

The winter is coming. This is the beginning of it. Thanks to my uncles, who bought winter jackets for me. Thanks to my aunt, I know we don’t talk much, but I know she’s taking care of me, she’s just not good with her words.

Happy late Birthday, Mommy! I cant be with you this year, or next year, or in the next five year, but I always send my wishes to you, always want the best for you. Love you till my last breath, Mommy!

My niece birthday is in the next two days, and again, I can’t give her my wishes, but dear, you know that auntie wants you to be a happy princess, a smart girl and don’t forget to remember your aunt. Love you, dear!


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