The 33rd week

I was too lazy to do anything last week, so here, the next post after 2 weeks.

Sometimes, I wonder is there anyone read my blog, except me, nevermind, I have a place to express myself, that’s all I need, I guess.

Something happened, something didn’t but really, I don’t know how to say, it’s complicated and I think a part of me doesn’t wanna say it.

My final exam will be in next 3 weeks. Am I nervous? I am. Am I worry? Nonsense. Do you expect it? Sure as hell. My final exam is coming. I want it come faster, but slower at the same time. Conflict huh? Well, faster because after I finish this semester, I have more time to work, to make more money. Even I don’t like my workplace, but I like to work and know more about my guests. Also, my birthday is coming, my business math test is on my birthday, so fun!!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m crying inside TToTT). I bought a new camera, a digital and simple one, but that’s all I want and can afford now. Actually, I can buy a better one, but let’s think, I can’t and don’t know how to use all of its features, so why do I have to buy it now? I can but it later, when I have more money, have time to learn how to take a good picture.

I guess that’s my birthday present.

Hmm, talk bit about myself. My friend – Michelle – she said that I’m out going but I’m holding back myself. My best friend – Linh – said that I’m pretending (might be lol). Am I holding back myself? To be honest, I wanna have a shoulder for me to lean on, a person that I can be myself with, someone that I can trust with all my heart and soul. But again, that’s not the point.

I’m strict when it’s come to love and relationship. I don’t take offense of sex or anything, but I need more than interesting to get involve in a relationship. I want a long-term and stable relationship, but with my personality, it seems impossible.

Never mind, what comes will come.

I received my tarot deck today and I am going to learn how to use tarot cards during this break, as well as take the learner license and finish all my books in this semester. Next semester, winter semester, I’m going to be busy, really really busy with all the food and beverage, I also have to apply for a job for my internship in summer.

In summer, my internship is waiting, the 1st step into my career is there, I have to catch and hold it firmly in my hands, I don’t have many chances to waste, and after that, my trip to Toronto and Vancouver are waiting for me. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8 months  far away from home. Miss you, Mom. I’m sorry, Mom. Wait for me, Mom.

5 years ahead. Long long way to go. Many things to get over. Keep calm and keep going. No matter what happen, I will be home.


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