Happy new year 2013

New Year’s Eve.

Home alone.

Be away from mom and family.

It’s not that I don’t wanna go out with friends, just they’re having dinner at Crowfoot, too far from my house, at least one and a half hour by transit. If I come to uncle’s place, well, uncles are drinking with their friends, grandma and aunts are playing cards, the kids are playing together. That’s why I chose to stay home.

It’s not a bad feeling at all, light the candle, play a playlist on youtube, open wordpress and write this. Everything is so quiet, but peaceful at the same.

Hmm, let’s check things I did a few weeks ago.

My winter break is from Dec 14 to Jan 6. I finished my 1st semester with a good grade, though I’m not really happy with a B in Communication, but what else I could do? 3.77 as an overall grade is not bad at all, so I’m satisfy with myself, for now.

The week before Xmas, I can say that I worked like hell. I have a feeling that I’m on my way to become a super-girl. It’s not that I don’t wanna work or else, I have money if I work, but, work full time everyday, non-stop and get tired because of working with these people are making me frustrated.

On Xmas night, I was drunk, not badly but pretty much LOL. This was the first time I drank that much wine and my head got dizzy after that, luckily, I had no hangover the morning after. Then I went to my friend’s house and had a Xmas party with them. It was fun and I got present as well (while I thought I wouldn’t have one). However, I forgot my purse and left it at their house, which made me couldn’t go shopping the day after – the Boxing day. I nearly cried out loud because of this. I was waiting for Boxing day to go shopping for few weeks and boom, I had to stay at home.

Well then, I came back to work. Yesterday, I went shopping with my cousin, we both used our gift cards, till the very last cent LOL. And I went shopping last week as well, bought new books (again!!!) and a pendant for mom and 3 chains for my girls whom I promised a long time ago. I have to say, I spent a lot of money for them LOL. I don’t go shopping all the time but everytime I go, I will spend a scary amount of money. That’s so true.

Hmm, everything seems okay up till now. I think it’s enough for now, I will write more if I have any interesting things.

Wish me have a happy year ahead, a year that marks my life. Wish me have enough strength to get over every hard time. Keep moving forward myself.

A wishing is sent to my best friend, my girl. I wish you enough and have a happy engagement with your love. I wish you a peaceful and happy life, my girl.

Love you, xxoo.


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