The 11th month – For you, my most precious person <3

A remarkable time.

Last year, at this time, I was saying goodbye with my friends, was buying stuffs and was busy to get ready for my flight.

Mom, it’s been 11 months; it’s not a long time, comparing to others, but to me, to your daughter, it’s a remarkable time. I used to be under your wings, under your protection, and 20 years were good enough for that.

For the first time of my life, I stepped out of your wings. I stepped into this life by myself. Like you said, this chance is not only for me, but for you as well. Because of us, I chose this path.

I didn’t, I don’t and I will not regret. I said this hundred times before and I will keep saying this to myself. Though sometimes, life was hard to me, and of course, is and will be hard; sometimes, I was afraid that I could break down, that I couldn’t hold on anymore and I might be lost.

Thank everything, I didn’t. Maybe like my friend said, I’m forcing myself to be strong; and I’m thanking that because it helped me to get over all my rough times.

Though I’m strong (mentally) and can stand by myself, but you know, we’re all humans, we still need someone when we’re weak. But, this I promised you, Mom, I won’t decide anything because of my loneliness, I won’t give up on my dream, I will come back to you.

More or less, saying these things with you won’t change anything, and you know that I’m not that type of people who can make promises when I’m not really sure about my future; but this I promise you.

You’re not going to read this, nor I will let you; but I do believe that you know me well to understand all my unspoken things, like mother like daughter, right, Mom?

I will be stronger, I will have my career before I come back to you, I will make you proud of me. Proud to say ‘This is my daughter, and I’m proud of her!”

I love you, my idol, my strength, my happiness, my dearest Mom!

I will have another post on my 1st anniversary, will talk more about my dream and my future career.


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