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A year ago, when she was in kindergarten in Fountain, Colo., Coy Mathis became a girl. Until that point, Coy — born a boy — had resisted the boyish t-shirts and jeans that her parents laid out for her, hated the boy’s backpack she had to carry to school. She wanted to wear tutus and princess dresses, to grow her hair long, to slip into pink Mary Janes.

“I am a girl,” she told her parents starting at age 3. After visits to a pediatrician and a psychologist who advised her parents, as mom Kathryn Mathis puts it, “to let her live as who she was,” they finally did. Three months after kindergarten began, Coy transitioned from being a boy to living as a girl.

Kindergarteners are pretty forgiving folks, so they accepted that Coy now wore dresses with leggings and used the girls’ bathroom. But in December, Coy’s elementary-school…

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