Happy Mother’s Day

I didn’t write anything since February 22. It’s not that I have nothing to say, it’s just I don’t have the feeling to share, even it was my one year anniversary.

Today is Mother’s Day, the 2nd Mother’s Day since I left.

Before I talk about this, let’s go back a few months ago and see what I achieved. This winter semester, I did better than the last one with A- as the lowest, yay me!!! I know, marks are not everything about my abilities, but at least, I know that I tried hard to get that and in future, I can try harder to get more. Sometimes, my friends said I got really high marks, comparing to theirs, so stop asking for higher marks; but just because they don’t have the pressure like mine, thanks for caring me anyway, girls.

Last semester, I tried some new things, working at the Highwood restaurant, cooking in the kitchen, making more new friends, working at different positions, shopping and exploring the feminist side in my soul.

I went shopping a lots this season, but they were cheap so I’m not going to complain about spending money (though it hurts sometimes, lol).

I got a camera, thank to my co-workers.

I got a new phone, thank for breaking my bb, myself.

I got a new job, thank for your interesting interview, Lisa and Carolyn.

I met really nice people at work, though my job is heavy and requires a lot of power, but I’m thankful for that.

Something to talk about myself in the last few months. Let’s go back to the topic of the day – Mother’s Day.

I had a really nice dream last week. I was so happy in the dream, but when I woke up, I was so upset. Because it was a dream, it wasn’t true, I’m still living in my aunt’s house, not mom’s house. I’m still far far away from her, not next to her.

Then I received a letter from my mom. I had to control myself too much so I couldn’t cry out loud. Mom, I know that you’re willing to listen to me all the time, to be my ‘garbage bag’ but I don’t want to worry you. I know you have to worry about me since I came into your life, but now, whenever I can, I don’t wanna let you know about my problems.

You said you just want to hug me and cover me with your wings, I was, I am and I will be willing to do that, but try to bear with me, Mom. It’s not that long, we can get over it and when I get back, I’m in your arms.

I wanted to send you a big bouquet but time was rushed, I couldn’t do it, I will make it up for you on your birthday then.

I miss you.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day.

My dearest Mom.

My best friend.

My Home.


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