Fifty Shades trilogy

The first thing I wanna say about this trilogy is, it’s an erotic novel and mostly about sex, it’s hot, very hot.

I don’t judge a book is good or bad, I just wanna tell how I feel about them, so, don’t offend them or whatsoever, this is MY opinion only.

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed – three books which are the story between Anastasia (Ana) Steele and Christian Grey.

The literature student, Ana, and the multimillionaire, Christian, they are two lines that shouldn’t cross; however, they ended up at the same point and start a new single line.

Ana found herself attracted to the young, handsome entrepreneur and she had to admit, this is the first time she has these feelings toward a guy.

Christian wanted her, too, but in his own terms.

I have to admit, I wasn’t impressed by the 1st book because it’s mainly about their meetings, their feelings and Ana’s uncertain about the things that Christian wants to do with her. She wanted him, badly. However, she knew nothing about his world, knew nothing about his need to control, and Ana is not the one who can obey every single word he said. Well, Ana cannot resist him anyway, and she stepped into his world, into the darkness of his life.

The story was told with a slow pace (too slow to me) at the beginning and there’s nothing remarkable until the end of the 1st book, when Ana decided to leave Christian. It’s a remarkable point in their love and in the story.

The 1st book is only the introduction into Christian’s conflict world, the world of self-doubted and self-hatred, filled with love and care.
A boy who was abused, who was used for sex at the age of 15. A boy who had no direction to follow. A boy whose life is a darkness. A boy who hates himself, hates his birth mom, and always believes that he doesn’t deserve any love from any one. Yes, that’s Christian Grey.

To Christian, Ana walked away from him is the most terrific times in his life. He was lost. And at that time, he realized what is the most important to him. He realized what he has to give up to get her back, and he gives them up willingly, just to have Ana again.

Ana knows that they have a long long way to go, because Christian’s heart is more conflicts than she can imagine. They have to deal with his overreacting about her safety, his need to control every single things in life, his scare about the past and the future, his self-doubted, etc.

I really don’t know how to summarize them because they are all connected together and there’s no break point between them. Shortly, the trilogy is about their journey to free Christian from his past, to entangle with their future, to learn how to love himself and to realize he is loved by many people around him.

Well, this is an erotic novel, meaning NO for underrate, no peeking at all; because 70% of the story is about sex. The sex scenes between Ana and Christian are hot, steam, you named it. The novels are fantasized about how easy to get climax (to women), and it’s not true. But overall, it’s not bad.

Someone told me this is a fan-fiction based on Twilight series, I agree at some points and disagree at some. Yes, the background and their family are similar. No, their characteristics are different. Yes, they have a thunderbolt love. No, the struggle to fight within themselves. The list goes on.

Conclude, Fifty shades is not a bad choice, only if you’re 18 or older, only if you’re okay with/can ignore the SM (sadist and masochist) scenes, then this trilogy is an okay choice for you.


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