The Hobbit movie

I just watched The Hobbit movie half an hour ago. I didn’t intend to watch it before I finish the book. But things happened, like an unexpected adventure to Mr. Baggins.
The movie is really good. The sounds, images are wonderful. I was lost in the movie.
After watching it, I realized some lessons for myself.
1/Never underestimate anyone
2/You don’t have to be the best in everything. In fact, being the best in what you’re doing and love to do is the best way to be on top.
3/No matter what happen, or how hard, or how long, or how far that you have to go through, always keep your faith. Everyone has their own beliefs, so, don’t judge others.
4/At a time, you can be one person, don’t try to be different persons at the same time. Try to focus one by one. Learn how to be happy with the smallest things in your life.
That’s few things I have concluded from the movie. More might or might not come, depends on how sleepy I am 😉


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