Frozen – Let It Go

Frozen – Let It Go by Idina Menzel

I went to watch this movie with my friend on New Year Eve. Though I heard good reviews about this and all of my friends wanna watch it, but when I finished watching the movie, I had to say, it was amazing!!!

As Women’s Rights News on Facebook said, Frozen is the first movie that Disney shows the true face of how women wake up, shows that a princess doesn’t need a prince to rescue her, she has a her sisterhood for that, shows that w0men can free themselves from any boundary to live with their true self.

My first impression was the nice drawing (as expected from Disney), then a simple but meaningful plot as it is hit me. Elsa, the queen, had to stay away from everyone just because of her given skill, include her dearest sister, Anna. Elsa and Anna, they are alike, they are all young girls and love their life, always eager to explore new things. However, Elsa was bounded by herself, afraid that she can hurt anyone, she shut the world out without realizing that it only brought the worse. Anna is a free spirit, she seems like she can’t stop loving her life and everything around her.

Then, when the secret was released, Elsa left and she figured that she was happier than before. She can let go everything and just be herself. I love this scene and this song so much ❤

After that, Anna followed her to bring her back to rescue their kingdom from the harsh winter, to bring the spring back. Things went on with that. At the end of the movie, Anna was brought back to life by her sister, by her love and tears. This time, Disney doesn’t need a prince to come and kiss the princess, she can come back to life thanks to her sisterhood, by family strings and the love they share.

I think, I’ve learned that, no matter what we do, what path we want to follow, what dream we have, we still have some responsibilities in life that we can’t run away from. However, we can choose how we face them. Running away from everything and shutting the world out like Elsa at the beginning of the movie, or smiling to them and doing it in your own way, like Elsa at the ending. Whatever we choose, just don’t forget that family and friends are always there for us.

It’d be really fast but lonely if you run by yourself, walk with someone that you love and trust, the journey will be longer but happier. Stop for a moment and take a closer look at your life, then get up and move forward.


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