Changes and accomplishments

Three more days and it’ll be exactly 2 years that I left.

During the last two years, I have visited, met and learned many things. I have changed a lot too. According to my friends and instructors, I have changed in a better ways. I have known a lot of things and I still believe that I’m on the right way.

I can’t tell you how much I have accomplished in the last two years. Academic accomplishes are the first thing. I never knew that I could try this hard and ended up with GPA higher than 3.8 like this. Thanks to my new friends, new environment with inspired instructors. I can’t do anything without any of those factors.

I’ve traveled, not much but I learned new things about new places, also I can set more goals in the future. I can’t wait till I can pack my backpack and travel throughout the North America, the South America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa. This sounds really ambitious but I want to put my foot on as many countries as I can (within budget, of course!!!).

I’ve learned about what I want to become, what I want to achieve in my career path. I’ve worked, quite a lot within 2 years, and I’ve met a lot of inspired persons. Somehow, I’m still confused about my future, but most of all, I know which way I should follow and that’s all the matter to me.

As a mark for my achievements during the last two years, I have received the Dean’s Award from my school. It was unexpected, and honestly, I still couldn’t believe that I got the award. I was both excited and anxious when my instructor told me to see the Academic Chair. When she told me that I was selected for the award, considered the fact that I met all the qualifications, and was nominated by all the faculty staff, I was struck. I was speechless, and just opened my mouth and looked at her. It was such a pleasant shock that I could receive.

Well, a short summary of what I have achieved. I still have lots to do until my graduation ceremony and after that. I applied for a really great program from Delta Hotels and Resorts, which is really helpful for my career path if I am selected. But for now, I will focus mostly on the upcoming tests and assignments.



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