Random things

I’m watching Bones again (the 4th time, I guess). After the episode 21 in season 4 – The Mayhem on a Cross, something just randomly popped up in my head.

Dr. Brennan, Booth and Dr. Sweets, they all had terrified experiences since their childhood. Brennan was abandoned by her parents and brother, she moved from this foster house to another, and you can tell that none of them was good. Booth had a drunk abuse father and his mom left since he was young, he also had to protect his younger brother; like he said, without his grandpa, he’d killed himself long ago. Sweets also had a cruel childhood and his foster parents, who had rescued him, had died before he came to work at FBI.

I just don’t know, I feel like, they are all broken pieces that attract each other and together, they are family. Then another thing appeared in my mind, if broken pieces join together to bring a better future and fix each other, then how about a broken and an unbroken piece? Will the unbroken one fixes the broken? Or the broken one will broke the perfect one, then they fix each other? Or another perfect piece will take the ex-perfect-now-broken and then fix it?

It’s confusing, I know, but just wondering.

Another thing, also from Bones, Angela is an artist in the series and her role is sketching the skull and facial structure for the victims to identify their IDs. She’s the living-for-the-moment type. She comes and leaves as a wind to the relationships. Somehow, I agree but also disagree with her. Feelings change, no one can deny it and people have to move on with life no matter what. However, if you know that the feelings will change, why would you commit to them from the beginning? In the contrary, if you don’t commit yourself into the relationships, how would you find out that your feelings had changed?

I have had those questions for a long time ago, both from realistic and non-realistic aka novel world. Those questions are liked ‘which one comes first, chicken or egg’ type of question, but they keep spinning in my mind.

I don’t think I can find the answers anytime soon, but I do believe in my philosophy – What come will come.

Live your life at the moment, learn from the past and look forward for the future. Life changes every second so don’t expect too much, but also, don’t bury yourself in the grief from the past or the illusion from the future. Welcome everything in your life as it’s supposed to be.

What come will come.


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