Hello there,

It has been more than a year and I feel so sorry for abandoning my blog like this. I feel like the spider webs are everywhere and the stinky smell is getting stronger, lol.

Never mind though, now I’m back and will try my best to keep it up to date. I’m going to summary my last year in the next post. For now, I just wanna say Thank You.

Thank You everyone for staying with me and tolerating my “bitching-mode”.

Thank You for the faith and trust that my family and friends have on me.

Thank You everyone that appeared, appears and will appear in my life. You changed my life so much that made me the person I am right now.

Thank You for having a chance to live, to breath, to laugh, to hurt, to smile, to cry, to love.

Thank You for everyone that stays.

Thank You for everything.

Someone has said, when a door closes, another one will open. If not, you still have the windows *wink* I think it must be true. Last few months, I’ve been up and down so much that I almost gave up. Though, I’m still keep trying. Keep on trying and remember, if there’s a moment in your life that you slow down, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna stop.

I’m trying to find my right door and suddenly, an unexpected yet pleasant door has opened. I don’t know if this will be the one, but this opportunity showed me that, everything will be fine, don’t give up.

I hope, I wish and I pray that tomorrow will be a good day, that I can grab the opportunity was given to me.

*fingers crossed*

“At the end, everything will be alright. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end yet.” – Unknown-to-me.


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