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As I promised, now it’s time for me to review my last year.

Last Fall-Winter semesters were my 2nd year at SAIT in the Hospitality Management program. I have to say, it was an amazing year that I had with my friends. We studied more about the management in the industry and of course, more numbers. I was so excited about all the things that I was going to learn, though some of them are not my most favourite aka OB.

I did quite well in Accounting and Food Cost, I had fun in Facilities, Special Events and HR. I’m happy about everything that I achieved in the last academic year.

Though I had to left the job at Westin Calgary because I couldn’t work and study well at the same time; but my instructor had endorsed me to become a peer tutor for my program. It turned out that I tutored almost all of my friends in the program. It was tiring but also fun, and it was beneficial for all of us. They understood what we learnt and I had chances to review my knowledge, so it was a win-win situation. 😀

Then I moved to my uncle’s house before last Christmas. Luckily that I got a whole basement for myself so I can fit everything in it. It’s far from where I work and school but I can live with it.

The last semester came after Christmas and it was wonderful. The HOSPO was great. I learned a lot about the preparation for a big event. But, the best thing of this semester was, I received the Dean’s Award from School of Hospitality and Tourism. I can’t tell how honour I am to receive this award. It showed that I have a good reputation among friends and faculty staffs. I’m glad that I did prove to everyone how good I can do, and did make my mom proud of me.

I finished everything in April and graduated in June. My mom made it to attend my grad ceremony and yes, I’m glad that I made her proud of me (not everything but at least, my academic achievements!) We had a great time when my mom was here, even sometime I got upset because I couldn’t find any full time job since I graduated. And again, my mom kept telling me over and over again, the door will open at the right time, be patient.

When my mom came back home, I got a catering job at downtown. I kept telling myself that, at least, I have a full time job and make money. Though when you do something, you’ll know if you like it right away. So yeah, I’ve been working to make money since the last few months.

And then, an unexpected door opened to me last Tuesday. The lady that I met at an interview before called me and asked if I’m interested in an open position at her hotel. The position is kinda a mix between Sales and Front Desk, but it actually has more connections between the departments in the hotel. She emailed me the job description right after that. Of course, I said yes to her.

After I said yes, everything was setting up quickly. My 1st interview was on last Friday. Then my 2nd was on Tuesday and I was asked to come again on Thursday for the last interview with the GM and Rev Manager. I was freaking out for the 2nd one and kinda worried for the last one. Maybe because of my mom and my friends, as well as the Director of Sales and Marketing (my 1st interviewer), said that if I wasn’t good then they wouldn’t ask me to come more, I felt more confident, especially in the last interview. I believe that I did well in the last one. Smile, eye contact and stay calm.

After about 30 minutes, the GM and Rev Manager asked me to come to the Director of Sales and Marketing’s office. Then I got my job offer for this position. Everything seems like a dream to me, too quick and too good to be true. But I know it’s the truth and my career just turned to the next page.

Everyone has their faiths in me and with the new door just opened, I know that I have to put 120% in everything to make them proud.

So this is a summary for what I’ve done and achieved in the last year. Hopefully I will have more significant achievements to update in the future.

Keep moving forward.


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