The Best of Me

“What if the love you never forgot, found you again?!”

I watched this movie with my friend this Tuesday. Before I  watched it, I never read the book or the movie info. I thought that the movie will be a romance, a cheesy one. However, it proved me wrong.

Of course, it is a romance movie, with love, with kisses and hugs. It is a movie about the first love. A love that taught two young persons how love can change their lives, how tough it is to be together and to know that ‘you’re the one’. But they loved each other deeply, no matter what.

They gave each other their hearts and souls, they’d risk their lives for the other, they’d die for each other. But then, life is never easy.

Mistakes were made, broke their hearts, and they just fell apart.

Twenty-one years had passed. They moved on. They lived their lives, or seem so. However, one more time, life proved that it can step in and turn the world upside down.

One death took them away, another brought them back. Just like the question above, what would you do when the one you never forgot found you again?

“You want to make me fall in love with you again. How can I do that when I never stop loving you?” – Amanda

This movie was good, but it left me with too many unanswered questions. I like this movie, but I don’t want to watch it again.

Life is tough, people make mistakes, not all couples can have a happily-ever-after-together. I know all of that and this movie just made it more real, more cruel, more heartbroken.

I don’t like to touch, to meet, to watch, to listen to anyone, anything that made me cry. The Best of Me is a good movie, but not good enough for me.


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