I’m back from everything :)


[taken at Victoria harbour, BC, Canada – January 10, 2016]

I just got back from a weekend getaway with my friend at Victoria, BC, Canada. The city is simply breathtaking and wonderful.

As a typical girl’s trip, we did window-shopping, went to nice restaurants and pampered ourselves at the spa. Of course, another activity that girls simply can’t live without is chitchatting. We talked about the weather, about jobs, about travelling, about life and guys. Then just in the middle of the conversation, I mentioned about my blog, which is so dusty at this time. Then, I realized that I need to pick up the good habits that I used to have again and actually get my s*** together.

So the whole paragraph up there is just to explain why I wrote this post. It has been more than 6 months since the last time I checked on my blog. I can tell that my visual home is very dusty right now. However, like one said, dust gives the home a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I feel like I always want to write something when my life is at the crossroad or I’m getting lost in this big world. But now I forgot how I used to feel when I wrote about things/people in my life. That’s why I want to go back to the old habits to remember the person I was before, to find myself again.

Maybe, that person is still in me, somewhere…

Maybe, that person is just hiding for awhile…

Maybe, that person is waiting for me to find out…

Maybe, that person is who I truly am..

Maybe, that person is not lost..

Maybe, it is not too late…

Maybe, just not, yet…


January 11, 2016

Calgary, AB



Published by darkAngel

Since the day I was born and till the day I die, I stand only by my side :) Con người sống nên chọn làm người mạnh mẽ. Sự thương hại với kẻ yếu là an ủi, nhưng với kẻ mạnh là sỉ nhục.

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