Kiss Me – Thai Version

Hello to my dusty blog!

It has been a significant gap between my last post and this new one. I really have no excuse about this, I just simply don’t have any motivation to write anything, until today.

To anyone who loves reading Shoujo Manga, Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada might sound familiar. The plot is a typical romance (and mostly fantasy) between a not-so-smart-but-lovely-and-kind girl Kotoko and a very-smart-and-handsome-and-cold-prince type of boy Naoki. You can tell that these twos are completely different. They don’t have the same interests, same goals or hobbies. But fate did do a twisted turn in their favour. Naoki slowly grew interested in Kotoko and his desire of protecting and loving her was getting stronger and stronger after they lived together. Of course, along with their love story is a lot of hilarious situations and OMG scenes that do anything but make you wonder, can someone actually survives after humiliating themselves so often.

However, we are not discussing the manga today. I just want to talk about few things from one of the TV dramas that was adopted from this manga, Kiss Me รักล้นใจนายแกล้งจุ๊บ that was starred in 2015 in Thailand. Watching this drama actually makes me giggling like a teenager girl about to see her crush. Everything seems really natural to them and the plot went well with the story, though sometime you keep wonder about the time change in the drama.

This adoption is a really well done one. I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested to watch it. Though, again, we are not talking specifically about the drama, I just want to name some of my thinking from the drama.

  1. If you are Taliw (Kotoko), would you have the courage to follow your prince charming after being public humiliating and teasing (tons) by him?
  2. If you have courage for that, congratulations! Now, he’s a genius, and you are ranked second from the bottom, will you have enough brave to overcome the difference in IQ?
  3. If the answer is a Yes, well done! Now, let’s say that you have someone in your level, who loves and protects you till his last breath, but of course, he’s in your friend zone. At the same time, a meanie who is smarter than most people, picks on you, laughs at you because of your idiocy, is actually being considered as your prince charming. The question is, are you dare to fill in the gap with someone you love (and not sure if he loves you back)? Or you will take the safe passage with someone loves you?
  4. This question is about moving on with someone you love. When told you that you twos are not a good fit, you are not for him and he’s not for you. What would be your reactions? I think for me, I would like to harass him with my footwear to gain a decent answer before I let go.
  5. Back to the guy who let her go. Sometime I just hate that someone just intentionally let their loved one walk out of their lives. I know under circumstances, that decision is for the best. However, I don’t agree with using that at the first try. Especially hate people who use “it’s all for your good sake” excuses. I honestly want to teach those people about making decision for others.
  6. The last but not least, is differences or similarities will bring out the best of the relationship? I personally prefer similarities with slightly differences will work the magic.

I think it’s goof for now. You might or might not noticed that I gave out lots of question but


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