Thoughts at midnight

Things are going in my life that, well, are complicated a little bit than I’d love to.

Work didn’t go well as I planned, no promotion in the near future and it’s actually a bit of disappointment. I still have a lot to improve but definitely need to work harder to grasp the possibility in my hands.

Family life is doing great so far so I can say it’s a good thing.

I didn’t travel as much as I wanted this year so my plan for the rest of the year is keep moving around. I know that being idle for a long time will make my body and my mind rusted. Especially at this time, when work life is not that good, I need more traveling to get my mind off them and have a better start.

So far, a trip to Waterton national park is a must. Few more trips to Banff and Canmore, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake when they are less busy. I really look forward for a trip to Jasper in the winter. I really hope that I can see northern lights in time for my birthday. It’s gonna be the 25th birthday so I want to make it special.

Few more good news are, my god-son was born about 2 weeks ago! He’s adorable and I really can’t wait till I can hold him. My other niece is due soon, practically this week. And the littlest cousin is coming in November. Our family is just growing bigger and bigger. I would love to have a big family reunion. Though I’m kinda worry that we don’t have enough space for everyone lol.

Talk about family, my friends are getting married and having kids a lot recently. I know that’s a good thing and don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. I’m just a bit lonely, feel like that I’m being left out. The feeling will go away soon so don’t even bother.

Since I mentioned that relationship topic, let’s say something about it. I’ve been kinda cheesy lately, by watching a lot of dramas, reading lots of sweet romances, and feel like, hmm, maybe I should read Twilight again? All of these led to one thing, how I am supposed to find my significant other (s.o.)?

I know that you would say it’s unrealistic, but I honestly think that the one will come to me. He doesn’t have to be a prince charming (I’m not a princess charming either). He just has to be someone who loves me and will protect me no matter what. I don’t know about others, but I really really really want to be kissed on the forehead. To me, a kiss on the forehead is the most romantic one. They said it’s a sign for respect and protection and I agree with that totally. When the one appears, I know that he’ll be able to give me the missing piece that I’m looking for.

To most people, this is childish. But I believe that each person has another part for them. That s.o. can only appear once and only one. If you miss that, you miss that for life. I’m open minded and modern, but I’m still a traditional girl at heart. Therefore, I want to keep the best for last and the wait will come to a good end.

What if the one never comes, you ask? Then I will keep moving along with my life. Life is not about relationship, getting hooked and settled down. Love is a part of your life, if you are missing it, you may not live it up to the fullest. However, love is not a necessity either. If you don’t find love, you will be able to find something else to do. So why bother?

I really have no idea what I’m talking anymore. Let’s go to sleep and talk more next time.

Love you,

Myself to myself

September 3rd, 2016

Calgary, AB @  12.27 AM


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