About me

I’m darkAngel, a 20 years old girl, who loves freedom more than anything in her life.

My biggest dream is traveling around the world, visit every interesting place in this world and meet many many people as I can.

My biggest ambition is becoming a great wedding planner. I don’t believe in love, as well as believe in happily ever after. However, although I don’t believe in those things, but I wanna see every couple can be happy for the rest of their lives with their partner. That’s why I wanna be a great wedding planner 🙂

Here, in this blog, I have created my own world, where I can be myself as long as I want, where I can say everything I want, where I can express my feelings, release my uncomfortable, my sadness, etc. Besides, this is the place I write some reviews about my favorite books/novels/songs/movies. I write reviews for books/novels in Vietnamese, my mother language and the others by English to improve my writing skill. On the other hand, there are a list that I have listed the Chinese novels which I’m editing and

Welcome to my world – By my side, feel free to comment and if you wanna talk to me, leave a comment, I’ll reply you asap 🙂

Ready for the new challenges

The 1st month of the New Year

Happy birthday to me 🙂


Họp lớp A8

Stop chasing the past

No title 1

Angry, tired, exhausted, etc.

First love

Tired, but everything will be alright

Uncomfortable in my own house


Divorce because of man’s ego and selfishness

Relax and come back to who I am

One more week

Congratulation to me 😀

Happy birthday to me


My Tet holidays

Valentine day

F**king perfect to my family and my friends


My weekend

My best memory


My hometown

Mama – Happy Mother’s day



Bad ==


I’m gonna marry your princess and make her my queen :X

Love 🙂


Anniversary ❤

Two fathers


Lack of something

No title 2


Be what I wanna be


Mối tình đầu ^^


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